About Me

Plants, outdoors, and software development, these three things pretty much sum up my life. Theres nothing better than getting out on a camping trip, lighting a fire, cracking a beer and having a grand old time with nature while you're thinking about some complicated problem you've been trying to solve for days 🤔.

I'm currently working with a small group of legends building amazing technology for medical clinics.

Fire A photo I took during a camp at Bummarroo Ford.

Software Development

Since I was young, I’ve enjoyed taking things apart to see what makes them tick (sorry for all the broken remotes Mum). Being a software developer, I get to take things apart, build things, connect things, break things, and most importantly, learn something new everyday!

I got my start in software development working as an intern for an AdTech company called Publift. Within a few months I had moved on from my position as an intern and began acting as a more integral member of the team, contributing full stack to their products. Being thrown in the deep end helped me take ownership and accountability of multiple products in their tech stack. I picked up a great deal of core javascript, node.js, mongo, and vue knowledge here. It's more of a self plug than an advertisement, but check out Adwizard. That's a product that I'm rather proud of.

My current endeavour is Next Practice, where I work with those aforementioned legends! During my time here I've been given access to some pretty smart minds, and this has helped me grow my typescript and react knowledge exponentially. No two days are the same here, a custom PHP plugin one day, a full fledged booking system the next.



Experience with


Spiral Aloe A spiral aloe I found in Melbourne. One of my absolute favourite specimens!